Quills and Thrills - Club Approved Breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs

2013-04-08 12.26.23 Hungry Hogs, researched, reated and distributed by Quills and Thrills
This mixture of fruit, veg and dried bugs is part of the Hungry Hogs Complete Food. It contains a minimum of 15 but has up to 40 different fruits and vegetables with 10 dried insects  a minimum of 5 included. 

The rest of the mix is a mix of 10 high quality cat biscuits and                                                                   another 1 added for odour                                                                           control.

For 1,2 and 3kg bags please message me for further information and prices.  

It is available in a Low fat 9.2 %, standard mix 10.4% fat and a high fat version of 14.6% fat all with protein levels of 30-35% 

This food is available in 500g taster bags that can be purchased from the products page, please specify which mix is required otherwise standard mix will be sent.

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